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There are clickers,

and there are scrollers.

For copywriting that works above and below the fold 📖

(and reads pretty well to)

Or have a look around.

Listen. You might want your copy to do things like, say:

Achieve a 57% lift in your overall site traffic,

get articles rising to the top 5 visited,

nab steamy, schmancy, big-name clients,

see your Google snippets alllll over the place,

email click-through rates way above average for your industry (yes, it matters),

Sound good? Then you’ll need sound SEO, informed content strategy, savvy email marketing, sagely blogging + slick copy.

Help is on the way.

So let’s just skip the small talk and get right down to business. Your next copy project starts

Ilana Copy brand logo

because together, we can

do the following

Long Form

Content like sales pages, e-books, articles, film scripts, love letters.

I crave research and relish in learning. Your brand is the star, I’ll just let it shine.

Short Form

Front page copy, microcopy, meta-data copy, you name it (well, actually I’ll name it).

We’ll look at the data, go with our gut, measure results, tweak, repeat.

Dream Form

I identify as form-fluid, so… Just lie down on the grass, stare at the sky and dream with me.

We can do anything together. (Did I mention I can blog?)


You’ve made it this far down the page, you must have seen something you liked. I’m a person, and so this is a bio. Beware, sentences may start with “I.”

I’m a digital marketing strategist who likes a lot of things. I’m classically trained in music, dance, writing, acting, directing, filmmaking, marketing and fitness.

But there’s something about the written word that both excites my senses and calms my nerves, so that’s where we find ourselves, my friend.

Here, I offer copy and content writing services to boost your brand to new heights. I’ve been doing this for the greater (but not better) half of a decade, and I can do it for you(r brand, service, business, pool party, etc.).

Why? Because it actually makes a difference. Copy done right makes you look good and sends clients pouring in (did you see those stats up there?).

Really, it’s about whatever falls in service of verbal beauty, wherever possible (and it’s possible).

You’ve got two choices now:


Questions? (I think this is a DM 👉🏻)

Or you can just email me 👇🏼

An email is trust. I PROMISE never to spam you just because you gave me your email address.*

*You’ll only get onto my mailing list if you ask (nicely).


not so into socials.