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Blog Writing

The ticket to winning your audience’s loyalty? Serve up your wisdom for *free* in your blog. Why? You gain the reader’s trust for when they hit the internet again looking a product or service to buy.

“Oh yeah, there’s that blog about that…”

Even I have a blog!

So you’ll need a solid content strategy. I can help with that too.

Content Strategy


This company’s blog was effectively a dumping ground for old newsletter content. Newsletter content that was only sent out twice per year. Even then, they were strapped for ideas of what to write about.

So, together, we pinpointed exactly what questions their target clients were asking about their service, to inform their editorial calendar. Next came a rebrand, involving their design team (that needed a liiittle bit 🤏🏽of help understanding good UX and SEO ). Then, we upped the posting frequency to monthly and created an email marketing campaign to promote it.

Now, they get our posts on a monthly basis, in authoritative, informational and utterly readable form.

Here’s what it looks like 👇🏼

Screenshot of KosherCertainly blog posts by Ilana Ellis-Klein
Screenshot of KosherCertainly blog posts by Ilana Ellis-Klein

Here are the Posts (click ’em):

Blog post on What's the Problem with Palm Oil?, by Ilana.
Blog post on Kosher Certification: Not Worth Your Investment Without Checking These 5 Boxes, by Ilana.
Blog post on Why Maxwell House's Ad Executive Pushed For Kosher-for-Passover Certification, by Ilana.
Blog post on why OK Kosher won't certify most collagen and gelatin, even when it's labelled kosher, by Ilana.
Blog post on why one might need kosher certification for their brand, by Ilana.
Blog Post on Plant Based and Kosher by Ilana.
Blog Post on Marketing Kosher Certification by Ilana.
Blog post on the clean label movement and selling to millennials, by Ilana.
Blog post on kosher onboarding success, by Ilana.
Blog posts on unannounced kosher inspections visits, by Ilana.
Blog post containing a quiz on whether kosher certification is right for your company, by Ilana.

Tell me about your content strategy. Or let me help you build one