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Here’s where you send me a message!

I won’t put you through it again – you read the shpeil on the homepage. DM stands for Direct Message (I’m told). So let’s talk!

My name’s Ilana (real person). That’s who you’d address the email to.

Tell me a bit about your project (take a look at the Services and Pricing pages, if you need), and we’ll be in touch.

You scrolled, so you’re gonna get it.

I totally understand. Reaching out can be hard. I’ll make it a little easier:

Go ahead and email me or submit a contact form – it all goes to the same place. Whatever feels good to you.

While I can’t guarantee we’ll be a match, here is my promise to you: I’ll be nice and courteous. Honest and up-front. I’ll conduct myself professionally and appropriately. I’ll tell you what I will and won’t do. I’ll give you free copywriting or marketing advice, within reason, if you like.

There’s no pressure here. I want you to get exactly what you’re looking for, so I won’t sell you on Me if I’m not the thing you need. We can work together and do great things, or we can just be friends.

Speak soon!