E-Book Writing

E-books are a fantastic way to get your work out into the world. Leveraging a good e-book on a landing page can also help build your subscriber list – fast. Plus, they’re the perfect format to package coursework for your webinar or workshop.

But if people fall asleep reading, they’ll never absorb those pearls you’re meant to share. And they won’t come back. I can help you spin your wisdom wool into content gold, so your readers will experience those breakthroughs they were meant to have with you.

Course Workbook – Meaningful Life Center

There’ a guru-rabbi on the internet named Simon Jacobson. He’s a world-renowned lecturer, bestselling author of Toward a Meaningful Life and founder of the Meaningful Life Center. With him, I co-wrote the e-book for his MidLife Miracle Masterclass. It’s based on Viktor Frankl’s psychological approach to finding meaning in life at any age. (To purchase the full masterclass with e-book, go here.)

I was brought in to freshen up, organize and package his masterful method into a user-friendly guide. Check out some excerpts.

Front cover of MidLife Miracle Workbook e-book
Excerpt from Module 1 of MidLife Miracle workbook e-book
Excerpt from Module 2 of MidLife Miracle workbook e-book
Another excerpt from Module 2 of MidLife Miracle workbook e-book
Excerpt from Module 3 of MidLife Miracle workbook e-book

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