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Welp, this is my first blog post.

That kind of blog post, anyway.

Technically, I’m a PRO at blogging. It’s my actual day job. I also have a secret blog I use for ultra personal stuff that’s in no way connected to my online presence. It’s a piece of my artist’s life and hopefully, you’ll never figure out where it is. Actually, I’d love for you to find it but not to realize it’s me. (If you do, you get a prize. Still deciding what that’ll be. Leave a suggestion in the comments! I always wanted to say that.).

But this is that other kind of blog post.

Nay, this very first post of my very first business/personal brand/thought leadership (🙄) blog is here to break the ice and say “hi” from IlanaCopy. Or shall I say CopyIlana: the blog of IlanaCopy. Not at all confusing.

What’s in a Name?

I’m debating whether to keep this section in. But here’s an explanation of the name, if you’re not terribly bothered by a slight insult to your intelligence. (It’s just that, I trust that your emotional intelligence is so high that you won’t mind).

IlanaCopy is the name of my business. My name’s Ilana and what I do is write copy (among other things). That simple! But you see, on every other page of this website, I talk about the work I do, the services I offer, and most importantly, why you probably need them. I want you to hire Ilana. See?

Here, on the other hand, is where I offer up *free-free-free* writing, digital marketing and, occasionally, life wisdom for you. It’s where I encourage you to copy Ilana. Copy my ways. CopyIlana. Catch my drift? Figured you would. You’re smart.

Oh dear G-d, not another advice monger.

Why the hell would I offer you life advice?

Cus, it’s not advice! I swear, hear me out. I call it “wisdom,” because that’s universal – everybody’s got wisdom. And thanks to the Internet, it’s fair game to share it, and there’s always someone who needs it (if not, bro, you could always just bounce).

I’m going to share said life wisdom because, sadly, work culture in the West (and some other places) are at the mere tip of the iceberg when it comes to things like mental health, emotion-positivity, work-life balance and inner peace. Not that I fancy myself a guru – on the contrary. I’m a regular Jane like you who’s made tremendous strides in both the career and personal realms of my own life. I’ve been (and still go) through a lot of what you go through. I’m here to tell you what’s worked (wonders) for me.

I’ve helped others one-on-one. For instance, I once nabbed a family member his first job at age 38. I taught my son’s amazing and underpaid therapist how to get a raise and promotion during a recession. Also just coached a friend who landed a new job with a 3X salary increase. They achieved this all while making genuine improvements in their mental health and quality of life. Just sayin’.

Take it or leave it, sister. You can just read the copywriting stuff if you want, each blog post will be categorized.

Other advice “Gurus”

On that note, I truly believe sharing is caring. Here are some other “gurus” making a difference on the internet and real life.

GIF of Dr. Evil from the Austin Powers movies making the two-finger quotation gesture while mouthing a word that looks like "gurus."

Seriously, I don’t follow many folks. But these people are worth the pings and should give you an idea of what I like to think, talk and write about.

  • Laura Belgray – Founder of The Talking Shrimp copywriting consultancy-turned copywriter training institute. Her copy and content are swoon-worthy, and her personality is kind, inspiring, hilarious and addictive.
  • Dan Price – Founder of Seattle-based cc processing company, Gravity Payments, who got famous for slashing his own salary in order to implement a $75K minimum wage across his company after discovering one of his employees was moonlighting as a manager at McDonald’s. Simply awesome person.
  • Marie Forleo – The original Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur, business coach, host of MarieTV (you MUST watch) and founder of some of the most successful & effective training programs around: B-School, The Copy Cure and Time Genius.
  • Mel Robbins – Veteran TV talk show host-turned-influencer once COVID all but destroyed her business and wiped out her book deal. Hugely open and honest about her struggles with trauma, ADHD, motivation and mental health. And has truly boss style.
  • Jason Thompson (stylized as jason thompson on LinkedIn) – CEO of 33 Sticks bespoke B2B data solutions company, co-author of children’s book A is for Analytics, and shameless advocate for open work arrangements and mental health support.

There, I’ve gifted you with the good kind of advice mongers.

Beware of sardonic aphorisms.

Oh, and for a first blog post, it’s important I make this clear for the future, in case you haven’t figured it out yet: there will be sarcasm. There will be wryness. By scrolling down any further, you hereby agree to be spoken to cynically.

Why don’t we leave it at that.

Keeping it short and to-the-point, I’ll leave you here for today, friends. Leave a comment below if you want to suggest a topic, ask a question, or NOT spam my website, thankyouverymuch. Seriously, even if you include an innocent link, it’ll look like spam and get deleted, so don’t do it.

Until next time!

Hey, I'm Ilana and I own this place. I’m a digital marketing strategist who likes a lot of things. I’m classically trained in music, dance, writing, acting, directing, filmmaking, marketing and fitness. But there’s something about the written word that both excites my senses and calms my nerves, so that’s where we find ourselves, my friend. At, I offer copy and content writing services to boost your brand to new heights. Why? Because copy done right makes you look good and sends clients pouring in.

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