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Here’s how this is gonna go.

Our first schmooze together (if we haven’t had it already) will be on the house. In 15 minutes, you tell me all about your brand and target audience, the project, and show me the copy you currently have (or don’t have). I’ll tell you what I can do for you, then you say “Hmmm,” we part ways and I don’t bother you again.

Then. Hours, days or even months later, when you’re tossing and turning in the middle of the night, you sit straight up in bed, sweating, and growl “I need that copy. Lemme have it!”

So then just shoot me an email.

Here’s how long things usually take.

1 Full Page of a Website

1 full day of writing. You can give me the number of hours not to exceed, or you can tell me how much to cover and I’ll end up somewhere around 1 business day.

1 Scrolls-For-Like-Ever Sales Page

You know, those pages you thought were going to be a “description,” but kept you endlessly scrolling by asking you increasingly personal and strangely revealing questions about yourself, only to find you reaching for your credit card before you even got to the pricing at the bottom? Weird how that works.

Give me 1-2 hours and I’ll make one that sounds like you(r brand), isn’t cringey and sells your stuff like hotcakes.

Blog Post Generator (But Real)

Yes, if you google ‘blog post generator’ you’ll find AI (I mean, if you call that AI)-powered tools that’ll take three words about your business and automatically spit our a buncha titles. This isn’t that.

For, BPG(BR), we’re talkin’ a whole bagel shop dozen (that’s 13. Or 11, if you wanted them sliced) blog post topics (I’ll throw in some headlines too) that actually pertain to your business, resonate with your audience, and will get you on your way to thought leadership in no time.

Blog Post, Article, Script or E-Book Content

These really vary by topic, industry, length, and research I’ll need to do. It can be anywhere from a couple of days to a couple of weeks of work. Your free 15 min schmooze (consultation) is where we can talk about this, and I’ll get back to you with a quote.

Here’s how you can buy my time.

Most of the best copywriters on the internet will tell you they “‘ain’t cheap.” But then there’s me. This is pretty damn cheap, as it comes. Just keep in mind it ain’t gonna stay this way. Consider yourself one of the lucky ones.


A full and focused hour with moi


Get my full-on attention and creative energy for an hour.

Choose your 2-3 focus areas and we’ll blitz the snooze outa them. Not enough? You can always come back for more.

1/2 Hour, All Power

Like the 10-items-or-less line for your digital assets


Have just a few tweaks to make? Or not sure how much of a commitment you’re ready for? Bet you still want results that’ll pay for themselves multifold. Going halvsies is for you.


Get my email course and write your own damn copy. It’s fun!


Learn to fire up your boring-detector and how to breathe fire into ice cold copy. This email-only course will get you filling out those pages lickety-split. Apply it and sound more like yourself than ever before.

Best for go-getters like yourself and ultra-low budgets. Just know this price won’t be around forever. As I keep adding features and bonuses (read: value), the price is bound to go up, so get it while it’s a bargain.

The DIY is full, for now. Get on the waitlist by shooting me a message:

Or read some blog posts if you want:

Who am I anyway?

Hey, I'm Ilana and I own this place. I’m a digital marketing strategist who likes a lot of things. I’m classically trained in music, dance, writing, acting, directing, filmmaking, marketing and fitness. But there’s something about the written word that both excites my senses and calms my nerves, so that’s where we find ourselves, my friend. At, I offer copy and content writing services to boost your brand to new heights. Why? Because copy done right makes you look good and sends clients pouring in.