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Listen, you’ve got something amazing to offer, no?

So, stop it already! STOP depriving your potential clients from the things(/relief/help/solutions/products/fill-in-the-blank) that’ll get them the results they want and need. Seriously, why would you do that to them!?

Want to really reach them and help them?

Do you?

Then your website will need smart UX, sound SEO, informed content strategy, savvy email marketing, sagely blogging and slick copy. Good news: help is here.

Let IlanaCopy handle all or any of that. Here are the services I offer. If you see something you want, click to get in touch for a free consultation, or have a gander at my prices. Either way, you get NO 🙅🏽‍♀️ sales presh.


Home pages should be nothing short of a dazzling invite to a really fun party. Then, every subsequent page needs to increasingly spark intrigue and interest, inevitably culminating in the conversions you want for your business or organization. Right?

We’ll take a look at your entire website (plus any landing pages), and take a deep dive into the copy and UX. We’ll map out all the places that need attention, and design a plan around your budget and timeline.

While the human eye and mind is our main target, I’ll also make sure every sentence from the menu, to the headers, to the body, right down to the meta-data behind the scenes makes the spiders 🕷️and bots 🤖 happy too. That means SEO friendly.

So, to get in touch about me writing copy for your site, click the pretty button below.


The ticket to winning your audience’s loyalty? Serve up your wisdom for *free-free-free* in your blog.

Why? So you gain the reader’s trust for when they hit the internet again looking for a product or service to buy with their $$$. “Oh yeah, there’s that blog about that…”

Let’s say you own a potato gun business and think no one will consistently read a blog about potato guns. Think about it. One day, someone will search the internet for some hyper-specific question about potato guns 🥔🔫, and YOUR BLOG will have this high quality article about potato guns and, because it had a great headline and all the right SEO formatting, it hit the top of the search page (and maybe even the coveted Google Snippet), and, bang💥! There’s your next client.

Heck, even I have a blog.

Figuring out what to write about and when/how often to publish it is called content strategy. Writing the content is called, well…content writing. I can help you with both.

Want to talk about writing content for your business? Click here.


There’s perhaps nothing more effective for most brands than a solidly built email list 💌, and great email content going out to it on a regular basis.

Using campaigns that balance relevant knowledge and direct response copy, a successful email program can be a bridge between a company and their clients – past, present and future. It takes brand understanding, target audience research, and email marketing savvy on platforms built for automation. I can create email campaigns, newsletters, mini-courses, and more to help you connect with and grow your loving audience and your sales. All in the voice of you(r company).

To connect about an email marketing plan, email me below.


Podcasting is PERSONAL. Even when it’s all business, it’s your voice talking, so it needs to sounds like no one but you (🚫🦜). With over a decade’s experience spent interviewing people on camera and writing screenplays, I now have the privilege to bring my filmmaker’s insight to companies and brands seeking scripts for their videos, podcasts, audio advertising and social media video content. I’ll take the time and patience to get to know your brand. The we can craft media content that sounds like you and allows your brand to shine.

Ready to get vocal 🗣️? Click to make magic happen.