Video Script | Interview

As a film school graduate, my writing shines best in script and on screen. That’s over a decade spent interviewing people on camera and writing screenplays. For companies, I now have the privilege to bring my filmmaker’s insight to promotional documentary writing and interview direction.

My Personal Work – Screenplay

I’ve written short scripts about a young woman’s love for her grandmother and how it informs her work as a choreographer. And one about a high school kid’s grieving the loss of her mother through going on a restrictive juicing diet with her dad.

There’s a feature screenplay I did about a new mother’s brick-slinging with post partem depression, an abusive marriage and rediscovering her identity through inner child work (woo, heavy, I know). And one I’m working on about the nuance of neurodiversity and emotional health disorders in the Orthodox Jewish community.

If you were sent here looking for a script to buy or option, I can send you some of mine.

Other People’s Videos

Book Promotion – Meaningful Life Center

The publisher here wanted this 3-part book set to enchant and inform two demographics simultaneously. Their already-loyal customer base, as well as the frontier of spiritually-centered self-betterment crowd online. This video created the intrigue and excitement needed for a successful launch. Copy and video editing by yours truly.

Promotional Documentary – OK Kosher Certification

This interview-driven docu-promo helped give prospective clients a looksee into the company’s values and close-knit culture. Storyline and interview framework created by moi.

A Docu-Spiritual Journey – Kabbalah Me by Steven Bram

Steven was just a regular guy. In this autobiographical documentary, he explores the boundaries of his faith, family and inner world through learning and researching Kabbalah. I associate-produced, assistant edited and b-shot this one.

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