Web Copy

Home pages should be nothing short of a dazzling invite to a really fun party. Every page the user visits while navigating your site needs to increasingly spark intrigue and interest, inevitably leading to the conversions you want for your business or organization.

Some times I’ve done that 👇🏽.

Front Page and UX Copy – OK Kosher Certification

For years, the front page of the below company’s website proclaimed their greatness – but failed to convert. To revamp it, I brought their most striking data – that their industry was set to reach $25.6 Billion by 2026 – to the fore, while focusing the spotlight on the reader; their potential clientele.

The screenshots do their own justice.

See? Who wouldn’t want in on that business?

First Impressions Matter

On another page, I highlighted some more impressive data – namely that products they certify sell 20% better – to draw in the curious prospect. Plus, the banner beneath the image shows yet another way clients can get in touch with them; via WhatsApp.

Behold 👇🏽

How’s that for clarity?

Process to Perfection

Here’s this same company’s 5-step process page – explaining how they work. It’s one of the top-converting pages on their site. We achieved that statistic using keyword research to find the questions their potential clients were asking online. Now, those answers have earned coveted Google snippets, leading to this page – a direct path to submitting an application to their sales team.

See for yourself 👇🏽

Now That’s called hitting the nail on the head.

Landing those Leads

Here’s a landing page I rewrote for them. It offers multiple ways for the user to engage – including button copy to start an application. Below the initial CTA, there is a library of informational articles users can browse to navigate their journey to becoming a client. Again, with keyword research, we found out what people were asking Google, so this company could be first to answer.

Right down here 👇🏽

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